Lockheed P-3C

Photos by Mike Block, Gary Campbell and Ross Spenard.

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Photos directly below were taken at Abbotsford International Airshow

The 10 photos directly below were taken by Ross Spenard

Overview, head on.  Just to contrast the different color schemes Nose gear
Main gear


Overview, rear
Overview tail, open hoop antenna at top of tail Weapon pylon, rear view
Wing tip detail


Weapon pylon, side view Weapon pylons, forward view

The photo directly below was taken by Gary Campbell.

VP-66 Airdrop mines

Special thanks for this text below which was kindly sent in by Gus Hager 

The Nav/Com station is forward of Sensor Station #3 on the starboard side directly across the passageway from the Tactical Coordinator (TACCO) Station.  SS3 controls the forward and aft radars the controls for which are identical and side-by-side on the lower left of the overhead control panel.  Just above the forward radar control box is the Electronic Surveillance Measures (ESM) control box.  In the centerof the overhead panel just above the square FLIR display are the Magnetic Anomaly Detector (MAD) control and compensation group.  The MAD recorder and associated controls are that vertical array on the bulkhead between the console and the window.  On the side console between the MAD chart and window is the IRDS (Infra Red Detection System) joystick.  The lights colored small square display and keypad is another passive ESM control.  The large PPI scope displays radar and ESM contacts, all computer interfaced and controlled by the various push buttons on the console and the trackball in the center of the lower tray.  The knobs and switches to the left of the scope are mode controls and built-in-test selectors.  The diagram on the bulkhead soft panel above the window shows ditching/bailout routes and fire responsibilities.   

The 9 photos directly below were taken by Mike Block and some descriptions were provided by  David Bentley

instrument panel Sensor
Station #3 (non-acoustic)
coordinators station  Is the TACCO's station. The Tactical Coordinator runs the tactical
end of the mission coordinating all sensor stations and releasing weapons.


This  is the old ALQ 78 ESM (Electronic Support Measures) pod which in
Update III and all Aussie P-3's has been replaced by far superior wingtip
mounted ESM sensors.
This is the IRDS (Infra Red Detection System) or sometimes R2D2 as it rotates, elevates and depresses the view like a little gun turret and it kinda' looks like the little guy from Star Wars.  sonobuoy drop chutes sonobuoy drop tubes