A-10 Dual Missile Rail  Adapter

These photos were taken by Chris Andreychik

This is a series of pictures of just the LAU-114 (the center section the rails mount to)  and its LAU-105 AIM-9 launch rails.  Since this is a detail most modern A-10 model makers may want to include, I thought it would help to have a bunch of shots for people interested in scratchbuilding it.    Chris

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front view of the DRA and launch rails from slightly above front view of the DRA and launch rails from slightly above rear view focusing on the LAU-114 section of the DRA and its profile.  The yellow cap is the cover for the electrical connection between the hardpoints and the launcher's internal circuitry.  The loops (only one is apparent, it is blocking out the forward one) are the mounting lug wider angle of previous picture,, showing more of the rails attached to the LAU-114


right side view focusing on the LAU-114.  The front is to the right in this picture.  A little below and to the left and right of the mounting lugs are small
circles; this is where the sway braces on the hardpoints come in contact with the LAU-114 and wear the paint away.
front left quartering view of the entire DRA assembly. first of the underside shots,
looking from the front back
close up of last photo, focusing on the underside of
the LAU-114 section


head-on view of the launcher while it is upside down on the cart (I'm hoping people will see the slight angle at which the rails mount to the launcher).   shot of the entire unit while it is upside down on the cart.


Dimensions of the Dual Rail Adapter

The LAU-105 missile rails are:
Length -- 90.9"
 Height -- 5.2"
Width -- 2.8"

The LAU-114 that holds the rails together is:
  Length -- 54 1/4"
 Width -- 13 1/8"
End Caps -- 5 1/2"  

(Note: When you look at the DRA, you'll see the front and rear sections of the LAU-114 have a part that faces into the airstream (for the front one) and away from the airstream to make the adapter a bit more aerodynamic.  These pieces are most obvious in first picture, in the second row.  In the picture, you'll see a panel line that shows it is a separate part, and the small screws that hold it on.  So, even though the entire DRA is 54 1/4" long, the front 5 1/2" and rear 5 1/2" are interchangeable, removable end caps.  These caps don't have any electrical wiring and serve no purpose other than to improve airflow around the adapter.