Finnish Air Force J-35S Draken

Pictures taken at the retirement ceremony of Finnish Air Force's J-35S Draken (aka J-35XS) on August 16th, 2000.

These photos were taken by Vesa Halme

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Last flight and memorial

Flight of 5 J-35S Drakens and one SK-35C Draken flies over the newly uncovered Draken memorial. Draken memorial Draken memorial DK-215 performing a farewell show.


Farewell, "Rysky"

DK-215 has landed. DK-215 taxiing to the ceremonies. DK-215 has flown its final flight. DK-270 taxiing in.


DK-270, with CINC Finnish AF, MGen. Jouni Pystynen at front, and first commander of Fighter Squadron 11 Col. Mikko Järvi at rear. Last Draken pilot climbing from his office. Silence has replaced the dragon's roar... Mechanics closing the canopy of the last Draken. CINC Finnish AF, MGen. Jouni Pystynen standing in front of DK-270. Pystynen was the eighth Draken pilot trained in Finland in 1975 (excluding those that received the initial training in Sweden).


"The Magnificent Seven" - the final formation plus DK-215 solo performer.


Closeups of the ejection seat, afterburner and (inert) weapons

73SE-F ejection seat 73SE-F ejection seat 73SE-F ejection seat Afterburner section of the RM6C engine.


Afterburner section of the RM6C engine. Aden M/55 30mm cannon cut open. Captive Rb24J (licence-made AIM-9J) Captive Rb27 (licence-made SARH AIM-4)


Captive Rb28 (licence-made IR AIM-4) Captive Rb28 (licence-made IR AIM-4) Captive Bofors 135mm rockets Missile rail under the wing.


Closeups of DK-223, "Kreivi von Rosen", the last Draken built

Missile rail Avionics cooling inlet "ISKE" = strike (in case of engine fire, weak spot to pierce with fire hose) Heat exchanger outlet


Auxiliary NACA intake, note the tubes Windscreen from left Cockpit opening lever Cockpit


Cockpit, left console Cockpit, right console Canopy insides Canopy from right


Windscreen from right Canopy actuator Composite intake, "ÄLÄ ASTU" = No step Auxiliary afterburner intake, note splitter plate inside


Brake parachute housing Closeup of the trailing edge and chaff/flare dispenser IR sensor, note blocked cooling intake IR sensor, note cooling exhaust pipe


Nose gear and ram air turbine