Martin AM-1 Mauler

Photos taken at Tillamook Naval Air Station Museum in Tillamook, Oregon last year in 1999. The Mauler they have is in sad condition, but mostly complete. They restore the aircraft at the museum, but the Mauler is way down on the list.

These photos were taken by Phil Juvet

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Spinner & amp; Scoop Prop Blade Prop & amp; Cowling Left Main Landing Gear


Left LE Wing Fold Left Side View Dive Brake Flap Left Dive Brake


Canopy & amp; Hand Holds Left Flap  detail lap Hinge Rear Wing Fold


Flap Hinge Vertical Fin minus fillet Lower part of rudder Fin & amp; Rudder


Rudder Markings Flap Dive Brake Right Dive Brake


Right Main Landing Gear Main Landing Gear Strut