SR-71 Blackbird

This is SR-71A, AF #617971, one of the last two OPERATIONAL USAF SR's

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The 76 photos directly below were taken by Nick Kiriokos

fwd inst panel Fwd cockpit inst panel Floor of fwd cockpit Annuciator panel of fwd cockpit


fwd cockpit left console aft fwd cockpit left console fwd fwd cockpit right console fwd cockpit right rear bulkhead


Floor with seat removed fwd cockpit left rear blkhd and canopy strut canopy strut attach point left fwd portion of fwd cockpit floor


aft cockpit left console aft aft cockpit left sidewall aft cockpit left sidewall aft cockpit left console fwd


aft cockpit right fwd console aft cockpit right console aft another shot aft cockpit right rear bulkhead aft cockpit right rear bulkhead


aft cockpit fwd bulkhead lower aft cockpit floor in front of seat aft cockpit inst panel aft cockpit fwd bulkhead


interior of aft canopy Detail of canopy sill fwd seat rails looking down behind aft rails showing canopy remover pyro


fwd cockpit with seat removed Rear bulkhead of fwd cockpit seat middle right side seat upper rear


seat left lower side firing handle with safety guard removed seat front. seat right with guard removed


seat left rear showing lap belt release thrusters seat left rear showing vent hose attach point seat left upper side with MDD in background seat lower right side


right main gear Left main gear right main gear right main gear


another view of main wheel well 1to1scale tipover strutt fuselage underside nose gear


nose wheel well aft nose wheel well fwd right main wheel well aft right main wheel well


right main gear wheel well close up of lower probe and raised rivet heads rear of nose gear upper main wheel well retract struct crossbrace


pitot tube right intake spike the nose of the beast left motor intake spike


inside the exhaust boat tail or fuel dump expansion gap on right chine and wing where flare begins antennae on left fuselage


close up of upper probe on top of engine nacelle blowby door gust locks lower main gear doors boattail area


probe on lower nacelle panel shading probe on top of motor that no kit has weathering of panel lines


tail markings and upper blowby door gust locks tail markings 9th SRW Det2 right side interchangeable nose section