Noorduyn Norseman

This set of photos are taken of four examples of the venerable Norseman.  The white aircraft on floats (C-FKAS) was used as a commuter aircraft for passenger service to the Gulf Islands between Vancouver and Vancouver Island, Canada.  It unfortunately crashed near Kuiper Island in March, 1995 when one of the float struts failed and it cartwheeled and sank.  All on board escaped, and the hulk of the aircraft is currently in the back of the hanger at Pacific Aircraft Salvage Ltd.  The yellow aircraft (CF-SAN) is the restored example held in the collection at the Edmonton Aviation Museum, Canada.  The black aircraft (CF-BSC) was restored in the mid-80's by the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation, now located in Langley, B.C, Canada.  The silver aircraft is the ex-RCAF Norseman Mk.V held in the National Aeronautical Collection in Rockcliffe, Ontario, Canada.

These photos were taken by Geoff McDonell

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