North American P51

Canadian version

These photos were taken by Vern Gwin 

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These photos of the last Canadian marked P-51 where taken about 1996 or 1997 at Westwind Avitation/Saskatoon Aerocentre.  The aircraft was then owned by Ritchie Rassmusen, who was our Directer of Maintanence.  The mustang was here for about 3-4 years and has since been sold to a person in California, I do however not recall his name.  It was sold about 1998.  I had the pleasure of working with the owner and was fortunate enough to be asked by him to do several air to air photo shoots over the years, include is a photo of the photo plane. It is a Piper Navajo that we used to operate, the photo was taken by the back seat passenger Dennis Goll.  The remaining photos were taken at the hangar in Saskatoon along with some at our local airshows.  Detail shoots are of gear well, gear and some walk arounds.

Piper Navajo plane for mid air photos photo courtesy of Dennis Goll

The 16 photos directly below were taken by Vern Gwin

air to air air to air gear doors from front P-51 in hanger


P-51 in hanger left gear well markings on left side left gear well


left main l left main (rearview) prop rear radiator ramp


rear gear well right main landing gear taxi Tiger art on side