These photos were taken by Marc Bourque and Percy Olson

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'783 is currently the only genuine Canadair built CF-104 on display in Canada. It currently resides at the Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum located by the Halifax International airport, in Nova Scotia.  The origins of this acquisition go back to 1987 at CFB Mountainview were several '104s were being held in various states of disassembly. '783 was the best of these and after much negotiations was finally acquired. She was delivered in 1989 and after much labour was unveiled in Oct of that year.  She wears the last camouflage scheme applied to the CF-104, being dark green/ extra dark sea grey upper surfaces and medium sea grey lower surfaces. She does not have the fore and aft RWR fairings installed or both under nose blade aerials.

The 31 photos directly below were taken by Marc Bourque 

The Cockpit

instrument panel instrument panel HUD HUD


instrument panel canopy canopy canopy


seat cockpit seat seat


left console throttle right console



The Airframe

nose dielectric panel cannon fairing port tank fillers port tank valves


port tank light jet nozzle airbrake and lights pylon stencils


Stbd nav light UHF aerial panel


The Landing Gear

main gear from front main wheel main gear from rear main gear bay

nose gear well nose gear well


Photos taken at Comox Aviation Museum, British Columbia, Canada.

The 30 photos directly below were taken by Percy Olson

Overview Nose head-on Front gear bay (covered over) Front gear close-up


Instrument panel rear Control grip Seat back Headrest


Nose port Port intake Port main gear Port gear


Port main gear and pylon Port front fuselage Port wing Port wingroot


Port Fuselage and wing joint Port wing and tank Port wing tank from back Port Rear fuselage


Tail from port Fuselage bottom looking forward Center pylon looking fwd. bottom rear fuselage

Stbd wing from back Overview Stbd main gear and pylon Stbd main gear


Overview Nose stbd