CAF CT-114 Tutor

These photos were taken by Graham Mansell, Geoff McDonell, Robert Pionteck, Steve Stohr and James Walker

Some of these photos were taken by Steve Stohr

Steve Stohr is the proud owner of North American Hobbies online hobby shop.

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The photos directly below were taken by James Walker at an airshow in 1993 in Walla Walla, Washington. 

head rests open air brake instrument panel


The photos directly below were taken by Geoff McDonell

Tutor canopy cockpit rear instrument panel from port side


cockpit from starboard side rear of cockpit close-up


 This plane was to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of 2 CFFTS (Canadian Forces Flying Training School) in 1999.  The NATO flags are all the countries that have been involved with the school. 2 CFFTS does all basic flying training for the CF and the Tutor has been recently phased out of the pilot training role.  Training is now converting to the new Beech, trainer basically a PC 9 that the USAAF and USN will use for JPATS.  Advanced training will be on the BAE Hawk.  The Tutor in question still has its anniversary paint scheme and is in Winnipeg at Central Flying School.  They have 3 still in service.  The test establishment at Cold Lake still has one or 2 (if our sources are correct), and the Snowbirds will continue with the Tutor for a few more years.

Special thanks to Klaus Meyer for background information with regards to the 2 photos directly below.

The photos directly below were taken by Graham Mansell.

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The drawings directly below were sent in by Robert Pionteck.

28 29

Photos taken at Quad Cities Airshow  July 2000

The photos directly below were taken by Steve Stohr

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