Northrop XP-56 Black Bullet

I took these photos in 1989 while a volunteer at the Western Museum of Flight. The bird was never assembled while at the museum and the restoration was beyond the capabilities of the museum. It went back to NASM that year. 

These photos were all taken by Phillip Juvet

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Overall view showing the fuselage resting on jacks with the left (port) wing visible in the upper left of the photo. 
Shows the left rear fuselage. The P&W  R-2800 engine can be seen and the two counter rotating props. This is another left side view showing the forward half
of the fuselage.
This is a close up of the two props at the rear of the fuselage.


This is a view of the engine and shows how the exhaust pipes were routed to the outside of the fuselage.
Shows the shape of the prop blades and the short vertical fin.  An aluminum extension was added to the fin during flight tests. Instrument panel area. Shows the cockpit floor and right side.


Shows further aft of the right side of the cockpit. 
Shows the left side of the cockpit and part of the main
instrument panel.
This is a lower view of the left side of the cockpit shows the left wing and landing gear.


shows the two outer wing panels with the air ducts on the
Right wing and landing gear.
Engine and exhaust close up.