These photos were taken Adam Cochran

Both the SR-71 and the YF-12 are similar, but the YF-12 was an interceptor. This aircraft was flown in from Edwards AFB to Hill AFB about 13 years ago. The aircraft was reassembled from 3 different airframes !!! The YF-12 main airframe, SR-71 nose cone, and an SR-71B rear canopy (a training aircraft). The SR-71B was a training aircraft used to train pilots to fly the SR-71. the rear cockpit had a bubble canopy for the instructor pilot. The SR-71B rarely flew, it was mostly used for tours and for the few who actually got to ride in one!! mostly VIP's. There is a book out by a Major Brian Shue (Retired) called Sled Rider, alot of information about this aircraft.
SSgt Carlos E. Quinonez   388 EMS / Hill AFB Ut

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These photos were shot by Adam Cochran  of the SR71 at the Hill AFB Museum in Ogden, UT.  The first 6 shots are of the front cockpit, and the final shot is of the port sidewall in the rear cockpit.

cockpit cockpit cockpit cockpit


cockpit cockpit Rear cockpit, left sidewall