B-29 "FiFi" Super Fortress

These photos were taken by George Maiorana 

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Photos directly below were taken at at Selfridges Air National Guard base in Mt. Clemens, Michigan in 1998.  Note:  About ten years ago FiFi was restored and repainted a darker metallic gray.  As you find pictures of her she will be in two color schemes- light gray and dark gray.  I got to climb up on the wing for some  "modeler" shots.  Some of the "modeler" shots were taken with a camera mounted on a ten foot pole and triggered from the ground.

The 41 photos directly below were taken by George Maiorana 

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37 38 39 This shot with flaps down ( and a difficult one to get) was taken by Steven E. Kanyusik ( a W.W.II photographer in the Pacific) in texas at FiFi's
home  hangar.


After we laid out the photos we noticed that when they repainted her they (Boeing paint shop more than likely) got the left side stars and bars in a different position than the right side.  This photo shows both sides of FiFi in one frame  ( not even close!).  Haven't ever talked to Confederate AF to see if there was a good reason or if it was just a big SNAFU.