P-47 D&N and a P-47M

These photos were taken by Todd Disrud and Andrew Worstencroft

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The 14 photos directly below were taken earlier this year by Andrew Worstencroft at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford Cambridge, UK.  The aircraft is a hybrid It was rebuilt by Planes of Fame in Chino CA  using parts from both D & N model P47's hence the designation P47D/N.

P47 P2800 RH view P47D-N Accessory bayLh Plenum trunking exhaust wastegate and oilcooler air outlet detailt P47D-N Lh-front view P47D-N P2800 and accessory bay collage-shot


P47D-N P2800 Lh lower detail P47D-N p2800 lwr rh detail P47D-N-p2800-lwr rh-view P47D-N rh strut assembly partialy dissasembled


P47D-N rh view of assesssory  bay P47D-N underside showing rh exhuast duct turbocharger-intercooler duct removed P47D-N Underside Ducting detail

Photos directly below were taken at Oshkosh in 1997. 

The 24 photos directly below were taken by Todd Disrud



gear inside gearwell gearwell gearwell


left wing bottom  belly elevator exhaust starboard side


exhaust flap guns mid fuselage


mid-fuselage right side nose (left side) pylon rear pylon


tail bottom tai section tail wing bottom right side


Do you have any P-47 cockpit photos?
wing bottom wing root tail wheel