F/A-18A cockpit 

These photos were taken by Nick Kiriokos and the line drawing were sent in by Bob Pionteck 

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The 3 line drawings were sent in by Bob Pionteck.  


Left side of seat Left side of seat Right side of seat


Cockpit photo’s are of F/A-18A, Buno 161519, NASA 843

The 40 photos directly below were taken by Nick Kiriokos.

Overall frontal view of SJU-5/A ejection seat. 

Parachute is attached only for the picture.

Right side of bucket Right side of bucket

Upper Right Main Beam Assembly


Close up showing TRM assy on Upper Right main Beam

Top of parachute and Catapult manifold assembly.

Left side of bucket

Upper Left Main Beam assembly with Drogue gun.


Underseat Rocket Motor Assembly. 

Close up of right side rocket motor attach point. 

Close up of left rocket motor attach point. 

US Navy Koch fittings and SEAWARS.


Bucket removed from main beam.


Frontal view of seat bucket assembly.


This view is of the aft cockpit bulkhead showing the seat rails installed and the aft bulkhead equipment. On the left side of the cockpit bulkhead (right side on your screen) is the Oxygen Heat Exchanger and plumbing, the Communications assembly and the seat electrical (connected to the seat rail). On the right side of the cockpit (left on your screen) is the JAU-29 Initiator, SMDC line and the gas hose that connects to the Ballistic Quick Disconnect (QD).

Some of you may not realize, but the seat bucket is removable from the rails to assist in the removal of the seat from the cockpit. Its held on by 4 nuts. And this is the only portion that raises and lowers, the rails don’t move. 

Close up of the right side of the bulkhead. Visible are the JAU-29 init, gas hose and the .3 second Time Delay initiator mounted on the seat rail (yellow assembly). The green oxygen hose is a NASA mod. We added an Air Force style Panel Mounted Oxygen Regulator and kept the Navy system as a back up, and the kit Emergency 02 as a tertiary system. Yes, triple redundancy.


Close up of the TRM trip rod connection to the bulkhead (yellow tube & chain) also shows the ballistic qd location.

The box in the upper left portion is the Fan Test Box. This is the upper right side of the aft bulkhead.



Another shot of the left side of the aft bulkhead. The brown area on the console is the personal services disconnect and includes the oxygen connection from the aircraft to survival kit (aft), Vent suit system (middle) and Anti-G suit (fwd).  

Another shot of the aft bulkhead, right hand side. Details of the control column (stick), Lower Instrument Panel and the forward section of the floor. Right in front of the stick, the floor is raised 3 inches. The black fitting behind the stick is the floor attach point for the leg restraint lines.


Left Rudder pedal. Right Rudder pedal. Instrument panel. Left console fwd showing the blending into the inst panel. The long yellow handle is the manual Canopy Jettison Handle and safety pin/flag.


Canopy Motor  (open/close) from the left side. This is also the upper catapult attach point. 

NOTE: the seat is not attached to the aircraft, only the catapult is. The seat is attached to the catapult by means of the Top Latch Mechanism.

Canopy motor from the right side. Aft canopy deck. Left Canopy Jettison Rocket Motor, SMDC Line and canopy Defog bellows.


Right canopy Jettison Rocket Motor. Equipment Bay, left bulkhead. Nose of aircraft is to your right. The aft bulkhead of the equipment bay. Right bulkhead of equipment bay. Nose of aircraft is to your left. Missing from the rack is some piece of war-fighting gear NASA doesn’t use.


Forward bulkhead of equipment bay. This shot shows the right hand side of that bulkhead. Forward bulkhead of equipment bay. This shot shows the left side. Looking straight down at the cover over the equipment bay and the canopy motor. This shield is in really good shape, generally these are trashed, or the velcro strips are worn, or the snaps are shot, etc. Upper Moveable Canopy Deck showing the Canopy Unlatch Thruster and associated SMDC lines and initiators. This area that the rod attaches to will separate and the canopy will go flying off where ever it wants on ejection. The initiators follow SMDC lines to the Canopy Jettison Rocket motors showed elsewhere. This view is from the left side looking under the glass.


Same View as last photo, but from the right side. Looking through the canopy from behind showing the equipment bay, back of seat, canopy motor. Looking straight down on the stick. Shows where the floor should raise. Looking straight down on the stick. Shows where the floor should raise.