F-15 C 

These photos were taken by Danny Deters, Bryan Ribbans and Jeff Stoermer.

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The photo directly below was taken by Danny Deters.

Description for photo directly below was sent in by Alberto Zanfi.

F15C- (Multi Stage Improvement Program
retrofitted) instrument panel.  Main difference is the colour Multi Function Display that replaces the armament panel in the lower left side.  Also noteworthy is the metal "sled" bolted to the right side of the HUD frame.
It is used to clip-on a commercial rifle scope (not installed here) to help in visual long range ident of "bogeys". The early mods (not MSIP-related) were known as "Eagle Eye" and used a Redfield 6X fixed scope.


Photos taken some years ago in England of Eagles out of Bitburg.

The photos directly below were taken by Bryan Ribbans

interesting paint scheme bay at rear of cockpit port side canopy area cockpit


instrument panel port side interesting paint scheme pylons


exhausts wheel well


A note from Danny Deters about the above plane;

I'm not an expert, but I pretty sure that the  bird is a F-15C because I just happen to have  SuperScale decals of that bird (unbelievable !!) the  A/c # is AF790036 according to the decals the pilot  was COL. Pete Robinson & CC. SSgt. Richard Haas from  the 36th tactical fighterwing. The aircraft has the  36th TFW badge on the starboard intake and the  "Skyblazers" on the port. I'm getting all this info  from the Decals here in front of me, and it says that  it was painted in the Compass Ghost scheme. For  anyone's info the SuperScale #is 48-334 and also  includes the McDonnel Douglas Demo F-15E decals  serial#AF86183. I hope this helps. 
Danny Deters


The photos directly below were taken by Jeff Stoermer.

Good view of "featherless" exhausts of both engines. Weapon rails on starboard wing. Cockpit side consoles and instrument panel. Nose gear as viewed from port side.


Port side main gear.

Starboard vertical stabilizer as seen from the starboard side. Good view of Instrument panel. Underside detail as well as view of hardpoint.


Cannon on starboard side. Conformal fuel tank

Starboard side of fuselage by cockpit area.

Hardpoint weapons rail on port side.