CMK Czech Master Kits

1/35 German Distance Rear Lights

Product # B35037

Product Article by Steve Bamford on June 13 2012


This detail item from CMK Czech Master Kits is available directly from Hobby Link Japan

This set includes 8 lights (Abstandsrucklicht Notek).....4 of each type.  The two types of lights were for convoy driving and solo driving.  These lights were used on a variety of German vehicles during WW2 and permitted drivers (especially in a  convoy to follow at a consistent distance without the tail lights giving away the location of the vehicles at night to ground attack aircraft.  These lights are very small, but if you look at WW2 German vehicles you will see these lights on most if not all vehicles.

This detail set is available directly from Hobby Link Japan

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Photos and text by Steve Bamford