Revell Germany 1/72 Tornado

by David Fleming



This long awaited kit has now arrived, and it looks like a cracker !!

The kit contains 7 sprues in total, 2 clear. The parts from the Luftwaffe issue are all still there, except the weapons, (Which means your spares box gets recce, refuelling and ECM pods)

First impression is 'What a heavy box' It's well packed in there - the RAF parts come on a whole new sprue, the clear parts are packed separately, and the instruction sheet goes to 65 (!) stages.



For those who haven't seen the earlier issues, this is one of the best examples of Revell's recent new moulds. Fine engraved detail overall. 4 part ejection seats, the cockpit has very nice raised instruments & console detail, with detailled bulkheads between Pilot & Navigator. Wheel wells are detailed, and the u/c legs even have brake line detail ! The main u/c appears to be a sensible way of doing this complex structure. The tyres are weighted, if you like that approach. The engine intakes have ramp detail & the engine exhausts are nice. Separate airbrakes as well.

The refuelling probe can be added extended or retracted. there's even a canopy prop !

If you want, you can make the wings & pylons move, and there is a glove for the wing root if you go for the swept forward option.



The extra parts include:

Large 'Hindenberg' tanks (The 1500l ones are retained)

2x RAF LGBs + 4x Bombs (More on these later)

2x Alarm missiles (These appear to be a late addition, being 'outside' the

main sprue)

Skyshadow pod

LRMTS (3part!)



The decal sheet gives a 9 Sqn in the grey/green and a 17 Sqn in the grey/grey scheme. There are markings for both a/c (More stencils than you can imagine !) and all the stores as well.  The bombs appear to represent retarded bombs, and I've seen RAF bombs with this tail type. They include tail fuses for these and the LGBs.  I reckon the dumb bombs are too skinny for 1000lbers, more like 500lb, and perhaps the LGBs are the same. References for RAF bombs are not exactly plentiful. The tails of the dumb bombs look a bit funny as well. That said, the nose seekers of the LGBs are separate parts.



From examining the moulds, an F3 may be a possibility, as there is evidence of mould 'drop ins' in the places where you would need them on a shared sprue (Fuselage halves, cockpit) Please Revell ?



RAF modellers in 1/72 have wanted a modern kit of the Tornado for ages. I think they now have it, and I look forward to building this one.