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1/48 Hitech RTAF Breguet 14b

by Chokchai U.


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Here is the replica in 1/48 scale of the Royal Thai Airforce Breguet 14b served in RTAF from 1919-1937 designated as Bomber Type 1.  Licensed built aircraft were manufactured by the RTAF factory as well as Several variation to suit each particular task.

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The model was from Hitech kit which I bought and kept it for quite sometime. The quality of moulding is a typical of short-run kit, you can expect what's waiting for when the you decided to start the work. Lots of effort were poured into this project-filing, filling, surgery, drinking(?)etc., with big bowl of patience.  Don't be frustrated by my comment if you're about to grab this kit from the shelf as my modeling skill is still in the amature class in order to get it done in the right shape. Cockpit was entire scratched as well as simple engine detail.  Put those parts together was another exciting moment.  Gone through that stage you can see the plane that look more like the plane!, next prepare for the paints.  

This model is depicted the machine which carried special marking on both side of the fuselage.  Those marking was applied after the name of a person or a group whose purchased or donated an airplane to the airforce.  In this example, donated by the governor of the eastern region.  The word written in Thai read "Jaow praya (oldtime ranking equivalence to "Lord"(?) I guess) Apaipubate" and had a frog in the middle-I handpainted them and wrote the donator name by using 0.1 white ink rotting drawing pen.  Whole aircraft was painted dark green. Unfortunately only existed pics are black&white so I took a guess again, just as we like it to be.  Rigging the bi-plane is always a bitter threat to most low flying hour modeler and this was my second that still not satisfy to myself but that the best  I could bare. The finished model looked fairly near to the real aircraft in the ref. picture to me and that's it. Happy modeling & New Year 2007 to every of you guys.


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Photos and text by Chokchai U.

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