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1/100 RB-79 Combat Support Work Ball

 Pool Base Mod  

Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1

Silly Week 2007

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The Earth Federal Forces were in a desperate position. They had barely enough capital ships and Gundam suits to hold a defensive line. This is the story one one intrepid group of Mech Mechanics from Pool Base who dared to dream large!

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Taking the basic work pod, and removing the main gun, they substituted a long, rocket propelled wooden spear. It was felt that the wood wouldn't be tracked by any of the sensors on the enemy mobile suits. The unit was to adopt a novel tactic as well. They would attack in a wedge type formation, consisting of 15 Work pods, with a Command Unit, Emergency (CU,E) leading a short distance in front. On command from the CU,E, they would unleash a volley of hardened oak into the ranks of the oncoming enemy. Hopefully, they could chalk up a serious victory.

Using brightly coloured pods helped maintain contact without radio silence being broken, and once the enemy was sighted, they moved out from their pockets and converged upon their targets. Over the radio came the command: "Break!"

The enemy never knew what hit them. The wooden Coordinated Universal Equipment Sticks splintered upon impact, and fired thousands of wooden shards into the various joints and appendages of the mobile suits. Several command cores were breached and energy cores ruptured.  They had been well and truly snookered!

Seen here is the sole surviving Mod Pod, Number 8, as flown by Bill Yard during the Battle for Felt Banks. I built it using the standard Bandai Gundam Work Pod, in 1/100 scale. The custom paint jobs was applied and a number 8 decal scrounged from the parts yard...

Alvis 3.1

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Photos and text by Alvis 3.1

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