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FSW Lightning

by Tim N Mansfield


Silly Week 2007

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Here is my FSW Lightning.  This is a result of the VG Lightning using a set of wings from a T-55 kit.  This model is an Airfix F1A kit with a Matchbox belly from a T-55 (Yes I grafted the rest together as an RAF T5).  Absolutely dreadfull cannons were filled and smoothed over.  

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Wings are from laminates of plasticard in a shape reminiscent of the F-16FSW project, carefully sited to disguise the grafting of the new belly.  Some control furfaces are scribed in.  I considered canards but rejected the idea.   Undercarriage was tooo hard - so I put it on a stand.

Painted white as British prototype aircraft seemed to be in the 1960s.

Looking at this afterwards, I thought this was the type of plane Batman would fly - so the pilot is painted black.


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Photos and text by Tim N Mansfield

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