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1/72 Airfix/Spot On Designs Resin 

 Hawker Huntsman C. Mk.1

by Chris Payne


Silly Week 2007

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The Huntsman shares a common tail and wings but the fuselage is all new. For this I will be using the Airfix Hawker Hunter FGA.9 kit and a Spot-On Designs Resins (available from the 'What If' modellers forum P.1128 Huntsman fuselage. First job was to build the wings as normal but not to join them to the Hunter fuselage. While these are drying, glue the Hunter fuselage halves together. Once dry take a scalpel to the tail where it meets the fuselage.

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Once the tail is removed, it needs to be sanded and cut to fit in the recess at the rear of the fuselage. This needs to be superglued into place as normal liquid poly won't bond the two parts together. The same then goes for the wings. Did a bit of reshape work to the dogtooth and wingtips. Decided at this point not to have the pylon ejectors on the wings. At this point most of the building had been done, so I began to paint it using Hannants Xtracrylics and Revell Aqua Color paints. Then I added the undercarriage and doors. The windows were then filled with Microscale Kristal Klear. Once this had gone off it was time to add the decals. The decals came from the Xtradecal Hunter F9/FR10 decal sheet and the Modeldecal White Letter, Numerals and Titles sheet.

It is finished in the markings of 8/43 Sqn, RAF Khormaksar Station Flight, RAF Khormaksar, Aden February 1972 where it served as the Station Commanders personal transport.


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Photos and text by Chris Payne

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