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Variable Geometry English Electric Lightning 

by Tim N Mansfield


Silly Week 2007

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Perhaps not so silly as this was planned by English Electric (hence a publicity photo) - but never built, except by me.  Donor is a Matchbox T-55 Lightning two seater, and an extra set of wings.  

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Undercarriage was a bit of a headache - so I installed a Crusader style undercarriage (from an F-16) into the belly tank.  Endurance would be VERY limited - hence the fuel probe, perhaps silly after all.  Wings are not moveable - but replaceable.  The unswept set having lowered flaps and slats.  This can cause double takes at model shows - when I swap them at lunchtime!  Colour scheme is from a 1960s Phantom of 767NAS.  I lost the radar fairing, and replaced it with a fuel tank front instead - hence the more rounded profile.  I call it the Sea Puffin radar.


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Photos and text by Tim N Mansfield

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