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by David Campbell


Silly Week 2007

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Gowron has always been one of my favorite characters from Star Trek, the Next Generation.  His place within the Klingon hierarchy and his rise to Chancellor are well chronicled, so I will focus on the very nice GeoMetric vinyl kit. I have built a number of Vinyl kits over the years and I really like their line of 1/6 scale ST:TNG kits.   Vinyl kits are different and require a lot of weight in the legs (I use BBs), or to be mounted onto a base, just to keep them on their feet. With Gowrons pose, I really need to create a fitting base for him.

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I played with this kit off an on for two years, priming in Duplicolor grey primer, and painting the face and hands in oils. Well, that didn't work, but a trip to the wargame shop revealed the world of wargaming paints to me.  With Reaper Miniatures paint in hand, I headed home and knocked out the face and hands in one evening, something I could never do with oils. Close examination of actor Robert Orielly shows just how much white his eyes actually reveal when in character, as well as the striking bluish tone unlike other Klingons that have very dark eyes. The weapon is the real sore point, and has been broken many times.

Overall I'm happy with Gowron, and he stands beside a cast of ST: TNG characters, menacing their survival.


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Photos and text by David Campbell

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