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1/72 F-32A JSF

Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1

Silly Week 2007

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Winning the JSF competition, the Boeing X-32 became the F-32 upon entering service. Seen here is the US Navy variant, the F-32A aboard the USS William J Clinton, first of the new Fast Deployment CVNs, in the markings of VFA-22, the Fighting Redcocks. 

While ungainly and decidedly odd looking, the F-32As have run up an impressive record. Their characteristic gaping mouthlike intake has been a hazard on flight decks however, having swallowed sailors upon more than once.

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The F-32A has a variety of names, ranging from the official "Manta" to the unofficial "Guppy", or "Dub-U" (Double Ugly).  One of the more common ones is "Monica", apparently in respect for a character of an old sitcom.  Apparently, since whenever a crewmember is asked why "Monica" was chosen, they double over in laughter...

The kit used was the 1/72 scale Italeri X-32, with aftermarket and custom inkjet decals. Twin nose wheels were added, as was the tailhook. Inspiration was the "discussions" online several months ago about the naming of Nimitz Class carriers...

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