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Bathing Gnome, scale 1/?

by Carl Gootzen


Silly Week 2007

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A very , early autumn morning in my garden. Sun is already bright and shining, birds are singing! Can you  imagine the scene?

Suddenly, I hear something: a tiny, little voice singing ( no, not the birds!).  In the low, green shrubs, I see a movement and then, to my astonishment, I see a gnome taking his bath!!  Incredible !!

Oops! Sorry!   It was just my finished little gnome-kit build by Elisena.  A simple 4-5 pieces, putting together is straight forward and most of the work is painting the little thing.

There is a rumour that the factory has ceased production, but I was just in time to get several other gnome- kits to complete in the near future!

Happy modelling in 2007 and have fun! 


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Photos and text by Carl Gootzen

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