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1/72 SuperbMarine SpatFire Mark 1b

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During the dark days of WW II, when Britain and her empire stood alone against the onslaught of Nazi Germany, many aircraft manufacturers were at full capacity. Into this came other suppliers, often not traditionally associated with military hardware production. One such brave little company was the SuperMarine Carnival Ride Company of East Thruppinton-Shire-Upon-The Sea, Yorks.

Best known as a maker of carnival "Whirlabout" rides in the 1930s, SuperbMarine was accidentally awarded a contract for 50 Spitfires in July of 1939. Not wanting to let down their end, they set about making their best interpretation of that beautiful aircraft. The result was aviation history

Having been supplied with wings, engine and landing gear, SuperbMarine was able to make a fuselage of their own characteristic design and still create a flyable aircraft. It wasn't EASY to fly, but fly it did. Apparently, Lord Beaverbrook fainted when he saw one actually lift off and do a slow roll over the airfield!

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Squadron service was brief however. In fact, it lasted one whole day. That day was September 7, 1940. Having been delivered to a reserve airfield just south of London (actually a recently appropriated golf course) the "SpatFires" were parked in nice neat rows to attract the attention of marauding Luftwaffe aircraft (The plan even went as far as painting "Drop bombs here" with directional arrows on nearby fields). The aircraft could be considered a success, as even though it never fired a shot, it helped down 4 He-111s that collided mid-air while trying to obliterate the parked SpatFires. All 50 SpatFires were destroyed that day however, and nary a trace remains!

This model was inspired by a spat crazy modeller on the "What-If" site...It was built using parts from an old Frog Spitfire, and gear from a Revell Germany Spitfire Mk 5. The "fuselage" was carved from a block of blue insulation foam. Paints were good ole reliable Tamiya.

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