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1/72 Academy ROK F-47 Thunderbolt

by Phil Peterson


Silly Week 2007

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When North Korea  attacked the South in 1950, the ROK didn't have any combat aircraft to defend themselves.  The US hastily gathered some resources to provide for a squadron.  Originally the thought process had been to provide F-51 Mustangs as these were plentiful.  However, bright minds understood that the aircraft would probably be used more in the ground attack role, a role which the liquid cooled engine of the Mustang has a severe disadvantage.  Luckily, there were still several F-47 Thunderbolts available and with its robust structure, 8 .50 cal machine guns and dive bombing capability, these airframes were shipped to Korea.  A group of American pilots lead by Col. Dean Hess took on the task of training these pilots and even participating in several missions.  After the war, these airframes were replaced with F-86 Sabres.

This is the Academy P-47D Thunderbolt kit in 1/72nd.  It was constructed mostly out of the box except the aerial had to be moved back one panel or it would block the open canopy.  The kit was painted using Wal-Mart house brand rattle cans.  Aluminum for the BMF and Flat Black for the anti-glare panel.  The markings were scrounged from the Academy P-51 Korean War kit and represent Col. Hess' real mount.  Overall a fairly simple build with no real difficulties.


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Photos and text by Phil Peterson

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