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DAS BOOT Silent hunter from the dark side

by Daniel Schlosser


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Hello everybody here on ARC!!!

I know, normally you find aircraft models here on ARC.  Usually I build aircraft models in 1/72 and 1/48 scale and military vehicles in 1/35. But today I decided to post a very special article. It is about the German submarine type VII C. U96 Das Boot.
When I heard the good comments about this kit, I could not resist building it. I was always interested in this special type of a submarine. Here's a short story about the German submarines:

The main role of the type VII C was purely as an offensive weapon, designed to carry out sustained disruption of the English supply lines by sinking targeted merchant ships. Allied convoys were attacked by whole packs of German submarines. But by 1943 the page had turned. The hunters became the hunted. The Allies had new search equipment such as radar that enabled them to track the German subs known as the "Grey Wolves" mercilessly even by night and fog. This resulted in heavy losses for the German submarines. Of about 39.000 submariners over 33.000 lost their lives at sea.

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I read the thrilling  book "DAS BOOT" written, by Lothar GŁnther Buchheim, in the 80`s and the movie was shown several times on tv, most recently on last Saturday, just in time when I finished the Revell kit. 

The big box contained 135 pieces, moulded in a light grey. The fit was excellent, no putty was used. I built the kit oob, only the Netzabweiser ( I dont know the english word for the rope on top of the sub) were built with copperwire.

I painted the submarine in the markings of U 96, the swordfish is handpainted, no decals were used. I used acrylics from Vallejo and the new watercolors from Revell. They are very good, I applied them with a brush and airbrush. The weathering was done with pigments form Artitec. 

The model is about 93 cm (36.6") long, you'll need much space on your cupboard.  I hope you like the pictures. Next I will build a small single engined aircraft in 1/72nd scale to help myself recover from this huge project. Comments are always welcome, please e-mail too:


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Photos and text © by Daniel Schlosser

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