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You Dang Street Racing Kids! 

Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1

Silly Week 2007

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The setting: The American SouthWest. The time...late afternoon, sometime in the 1980s. The players: Trooper Cooper and some of those darn teenagers and one of their chopped, dropped, chromed, blown, and pimped out rides.

We see Trooper Cooper handing out one of his famous "Undue Care and Attention" tickets to fast driving slack jawed sex-crazed teenagers, his least favourite group of drivers right behind model builders and agrarians. Trooper Cooper intends to keep his highways safe and sound for all, and regardless of the mode of transport, if you defy the law, you will pay the fine!

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The kits used are the Glencoe "UFO", and the Revellogram 1/32 Police Car. Figures came from a 1/35 Academy Modern Tank crew, and some space alien toy of unknown origin!  Blown engine is from the spares bin, and includes an engine from a Buck Rogers Starfighter and a heat ray gun from a Tripod Tank. Cockpit interior was scratchbuilt, and a custom paint job was applied to the saucer.

Alvis 3.1

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Photos and text by Alvis 3.1

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