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Virtual 1/24th D520

by Laurent “Angus” Beauvais


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Ok gentlemen, this is not a plastic model, not artwork too, but a CAD definition of what could be a Dewoitine D520 at 1/24th scale.

How did this started ? First I am consultant in a French software company, leader in the PLM (Product Life Cycle Management) area, so it’s my job using the CATIA software in particular.  One day I had to update my capabilities for surface creation, what a better exercise than creating real curves and surfaces .

So I started to design a part of the fuselage of a D520 at real scale. But being a plastic modeler, little by little I continued this during my free time, at night at the hotel (I travel a lot), then at night at home watching TV, then during the week end, well finally it makes a long time I have not done real plastic modeling to create this totaly unuseful virtual plastic model.

And this is where I am today, the lofting surfaces are finished, and the virtual plastic parts of the wing are done. Well I will finish the outside, and I think I will not do the cockpit inside, physical plastic models are waiting in there boxes.


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Photos and text © by Laurent “Angus” Beauvais

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