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1/48 Hasegawa SH-3 Sea King

Converted to a S-61-A4 Nuri 

by Aidy Abdullah


  Happy Merdeka!     Malaysia National Day 2006

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This model was built by me and a friend from the Hasegawa 1/48 SH-3 Sea King kit. As we had very limited time, we did what we could to make this a reasonable approximation of the S-61-A4 Nuri. 


What did we do?

- Plugged up the hole on fuselage bottom,
- Shortened the sponsons (apparently not short enough...),
- Scratch built the radome and sand filter,
- Add windows near the cabin end.

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The whole thing was painted Gunze olive drab and decals are a mix of spares and kit decals. I'm sure many out there can point out numerous errors and omissions on this model, but given the tight schedule we had to work within I'm quite pleased with the outcome. With the rotors on, this thing is quite an impressive sight!



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Photos and text by Aidy Abdullah

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