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1/72 F-15Z Striking Eagle

by Stewart W. Bailey


April Fools Day 2006

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Many folks are familiar with the U.S. Navy’s use of dolphins and seals as “weapons systems” to defeat terrorists, search out mines and many other such activities.  Lesser known is the US Air Force’s experiments with birds…

In the 1990s, the Air Force began work with McDonnell-Douglas to blend the strength and superior eyesight of eagles with the precision ordinance delivery and heavyweight carrying capacity of the F-15E.  The result was cybernetic organism (cyborg) that was half eagle and, er, half Eagle (F-15 Eagle that is); the F-15Z Striking Eagle.  The result of this unusual mating has remained classified, but rumor is that Striking Eagles have been used in Afghanistan and Iraq, where their soaring capabilities and keen powers of observation have helped to find and destroy many small terror cells (as well as a few rats, squirrels, fish, ‘possums and other small furry rodents).

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The model of the Striking Eagle was built some years ago, using a Monogram 1/72 F-15E Strike Eagle kit and parts from a Monogram “Masters of the Universe” Talon Fighter.  The wings and talons from the sci-fi kit fit amazingly well and this was really simple conversion to accomplish.  Eyes and beak were hand drawn.



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Photos and text © by Stewart W. Bailey

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