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1/72 Monogram SR-71 

by Rodney Williams 


April Fools Day 2006

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A fellow modeler painted his SR-71 pink, and applied British markings on it.   I raced down to the hobby shop and bought the kit.  I sent an email to the modeler and got a reply.  Later on, I emailed some modelers over in England to see if they knew anything about the pink SR-71, that was loaned to Britain.  I received negative answers.  They don't think  the U.S. of A. ever loaned Britain a SR-71. 

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The story and model is in the "Hypothetical Division of Brain Storm Ideas."  By this time, I had already applied the pink paint to my model.  There's another model of a SR-71 on a web site that is all bare metal.  It has one cockpit, so I guess it's the first SR-71 proto type.  I have several bare metal airplane models, but no pink airplanes.  WHY NOT PINK ?
Dave Newman was kind enough to make up the "British Roundels" and the "Royal Air Force" decals for me.  I found the rest of the markings in my decal collection.

This is the first model that I have ever built, that I did not need weight forward of the main landing gears.  
Monogram made the kit with raised panel lines which had to be sanded off, then re scribed in.

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The kit plastic was black, so I applied white paint to cover up the black color.  This method let's the modeler apply less paint of lighter colors, such as yellow, red, pink, light blue,etc.

Since I still have lot's of Tamiya's X-17 Gloss Pink paint left over, I guess I should build my "recon" Spitfire, that was painted pink during WW-II. 


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Photos and text by Rodney Williams

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