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Sukhoi Su-30MKI

The Colour Profiles

by Jan Mikes


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In December I occasionally found a threadon where Tom Cooper revealed ‚secrets‘ of his colour profiles.

In that time I was hit by infamous Modeller’s Burn-Out Syndrome, so I decided to try something new.

During several evenings I managed to use the techniques necessary for making the profiles. So this is result of my work- my first set of profiles. I have still to go long way to make my work look “professional”, but I am satisfied overall with my Sukhois.  

1) prototype bort number "56":The First prototype (Sukhou designation Т-10PMK-2) - the airplane was modified from the Su-27PU. It made its first flight on July 1, 1997, during first phase of testing, it retained the original camouflage and the bort number "56"

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2) prototype bort number "01": The First prototype was later repainted in new scheme and received new bort no. "01". The machine  was lost on June 12, 1999 at Paris, while being shown on LeBourget Air Show.


3) prototype bort number "06": The second prototype (Sukhoi designation Т-10PMK-6). Also rebuilt from the Su-21PU. First flown on March 23, 1998


4) prototype bort number "04"(1): This prototype was painted in a three-tone, eye catching camouflage. (This camo scheme was also used on Su-30KN prototype, bort no "302").  Originally, this prototype was shown with white radome


5) prototype bort number "04"(2): Later, the radome was apparently replaced and number "716" appeared on the fin.


6) prototype bort number "05": This prototype carries variation of the same camo scheme as "04" prototype.  Was shown in India at Aeroindia 2001, Bangalore


7) IAF "023": The in-service Indian machine, IAF, 20th Sqn. "the Lightnings" , based at Lohegaon. This machine was shown on Static Display at Mumbai Airshow 2004 with the anti-glare panel in front of the canopy.


8) IAF "024":The in-service Indian machine, IAF, 20th Sqn."the Lightnings", based at Lohegaon. Some of the machines carry squadron symbol painted on the fin.

I hope you enjoyed my latest project‘.

Now I am working on set of Mirage 2000 profiles, and I will put together article "Making of Colour Profiles Step by Step: From a beginner to the beginners" , so stay tuned. 



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 Colour profiles and text © by Jan Mikes

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