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1/48 Italeri Eurofighter Typhoon

by Julien Dixon


Silly Week 2006

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Just recently the latest RAF Typhoon rolled out to the worlds press. In a shock move the RAF has reverted back to a 1970’s era Grey/Green Tactical scheme last seen on the RAF’s Phantoms and Buccaneers.


Speaking at the roll out of the new fighter Air Vice Marshal Sir Hugh (Incredibly unbelievable moustache) Wittingly-Tunstall AFC, DFC Bar & Grill mentioned that the RAF was fed up with boring Grey Aircraft.


“Boring Grey has long been associated with the Royal Navy” he said (with a sly grin). It would not be in the RAF’s interest to make the Navy Appear any more interesting than it was! “We are already helping them by letting our Harriers Fly from their carries!” he was overheard as saying.


In an effort to improve moral and make the new aircraft look “spivvy” the RAF has decided to paint all the new Typhoons in Extra Dark Sea Grey/Dark Green topsides and Light Aircraft Grey Undersides. Colourful squadron markings and even sharks mouths will be allowed to be applied to the new Aircraft. As most Air to Air combat will hopefully be beyond Visual Range it is no longer required for aircraft to blend in (well that’s the theory anyway!)


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To be honest it is a terrible kit, no honest its really horrible!  There is no cockpit to speak of at all. The main and side panels come as decals with is unacceptable in 1/48th scale. The ejector seat, well just lets call it a useless lump of plastic and leave it at that. Mine did not even go into the spares bin, it went straight to the bin. I used a resin replacement. Fit is bad and filler was used along with the big bad file around the air intake. In general one I would avoid, especially as Revell Are now doing a new tool.

The kit was part built and then I became very disillusioned. I generally do not build grey aircraft anyway but had picked this up as part of a deal. The kit then sat for a while in that pile of half builts we all have. I  then found a half used sheet from a Hasegawa FGR2 Phantom,  the idea came to me to use these decals on the Eurofighter. A Grey/Green camo was quickly brushed on, the decals stuck on and then put at the back of the cabinet.


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Photos and text © by Julien Dixon

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