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Lost Episode - Dukes Counter

 the Green Machine  

by Scott McTavish


Silly Week 2006

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After a slight defeat by the Duke Boys against his Green Machine, Boss Hogg sent the vehicle off to Atlanta to receive some secret improvements.  Of course the Dukes suspected Boss was up to something, and sent Daisy in on a recon manuver.  Poor ole Enos never had a chance against her shuck-n-jive, and before long Jesse, Bo, Luke and Cooter were in the garage welding and painting up a storm.

See Bo had come up with the idea to borrow an M-3 Lee tank from the Veterans memorial park in nearby Chickisaw County.  It wouldn't be more fitting of the name "General".  But before it could be sent out to counter Hogg's Green Machine it needed some modifications like Orange Paint, welding the side hatches closed, and temporarily using the brush guard from the Charger.

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Cause of Lukes previous service with the Marines he was familiar with the operation controls on the M-3 Lee.  This left Jesse and Cooter to man the guns while Bo could be out on point in the Charger.

Well to make a long story short; Boss hired some 3rd rate goons, the Dukes saved the day, the Veterans got their M-3 Lee back restored to original condition with some of the reward money, the rest of the prize went to the Hazard Orphans and Daisy was able to show off some leg.


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Photos and text by Scott McTavish

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