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1/48 Phantoon  

by Ted Johnston


Silly Week 2006

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Awhile back there was a picture titled "Riverine Phantom" in the Test Post Clubhouse section, I looked at it and said "I can do that!"  I had an Italeri F4F Phantom kit that I had purchased a few years ago thinking that at half the price of a Hasegawa kit that it might be ok..... Not!  It was half built and destined for the boneyard! Nothing like a razor saw and a twisted plan to revive a stalled project! I may get a rep over's not the first time I have chopped up a bad kit with a saw, hmm come to think of it I have cut up some good kits too! The wings are from a 72nd scale Phantom......that I cut up a long time ago.

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It reminds me of a Voodoo in some ways with the smaller wings, I suppose it could work but it would be out of gas by the time it got off the ground! A very short range interceptor indeed. I Couldn't decide whether to build it as a Japanese or German Aircraft so I built it as both, the foreign E & F are my favourite variants of the F4.  Happy Silly Week!!!


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Photos Steve Bamford and text by Ted Johnston

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