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Santa's Plane 2005


Gallery Article by Alvis 3.1

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With a surplus of late cold-war aircraft becoming available in the mid-1990's, Santa was able to avail himself of several B-52Hs, less their engines. This was not a problem, as he had some of the most fuel efficient propulsion units available: Reindeer! Since the BUFF already was wired for 8 engines, it was dead simple for the elves to rewire the throttles to the rein controls and attach the reindeer. Rudolph was promoted to navigator and rode inside the B-52.
Due to rumours that his unkind cousin Anti-Claus was planning to sneak in behind Santa and drop bombs on "undeserving" people this Christmas, Santa was forced to employ and escort aircraft flown by Elves. Hopefully, there will be no attempts to drop dangerous ordinance this Christmas...Santa's NOT that type of guy!

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Photos and text by Alvis 3.1

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