1/48 Academy Sukhoi-30 

Indian Air Force

by Aamod Potdar


  India Independence Day 2005 


Well the Sukhoi-30 is one of the my favourite aircraft, so I decided to make the Sukhoi-30 as my first plastic kit. The aircraft is the Academy 1/48th kit and is done in Indian Air Force colours.  The Sukhoi-30 is the latest strike aircraft of the Indian Airforce. This is my second article on ARC, first being the Sukhoi-30 made of balsa wood.

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The Academy kit of the Sukhoi 27 UB Flanker C is the best in the market.  The kit is very detailed with fine recessed panel lines.  This being my first kit, I had made some mistakes and I have really learned from it.  But the final outcome wasnít that bad.

Well It took around a month to complete this kit. The only difficulty I had was during the paint job. I used academy enamel paints.  Since I don't have an air brush and compressor, I hand painted this kit with a flat brushes.  Since I didnít also have time to buy an air brush and compressor.  But the brush painting wasnít that bad.

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The decals supplied in the kit were Russian one.  So I couldnít use the squadron and country decals.  Since I couldnít find any Indian Air force, I had to get decals printed on a printer and paste it on the kit and it didnít look that bad. My kit is SB 006 of the Hawks squadron based at the Lohegaon Air Force Base at Pune , Maharashtra.

I like to thank Murli Ranjan who helped me a lot in acquiring and completing this kit.

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I like to post this kit on the occasion of the Indian Independence Day on 15th August 2005.



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Photos and text © by Aamod Potdar