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Macchi B 2000 FOLGORE II

"What if"

by Claudio Col & Paolo Torchio


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Italy didn't go to war with Germany in WWII.  At that time  the eastern countries waged war against the west.

At that point, Italy became an ally with US an Brits helping to defeat the rolling Red armies. The victory came after the battle of Moscow, so Italy for the help given,  was entitled to own the protectorate of the Ukraine up until now.

Macchi continued in its tradition of slender and aggressive fighters and this is the actual one (designed by Ermanno Bazzocchi) in service with the Eastern Italian air forces.

It bears the famous name of Folgore II.  Its naval version is already aboard "Mussolini's " nuclear powered carrier class ( 7 vessels the last of which "Galeazzo Ciano" under construction )
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Claudio and Paolo

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Claudio Col & Paolo TorchioPhotos and text by 

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