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A-4's from Argentina and Brazil 

by Marco A. Ortiz Rivera


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Here's 4 images created by me.  I would like to give credit for help to Eli Raphael, Claudio Moura and especially Jorge Figari.  Special thanks to you Jorge for your help on the Argentinean A-4's.

A-4KU N-1021 of the Brazilean Navy. formerly part of Kuwaiti AF. in recent years the totally of restant fleet are acquired by Brazil government to navy.

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A-4C C-318. of Lt. Isaac This A-4 took part in the Super Etendard Exocet missile mission against the Carrier HMS Invincible in 30/May/82. Armed with a pair of 250kg Bombs in central support each, four A-4C's ( C-301, C-310, C-318 and C-321 ) are involved in the sortie . following the Exocet route, two Charlies ( C-301 Tte. Vasquez & C-310 Tte. Castillo ) were lost by Sea Dart Missile launched by the (D-89) HMS Exeter. the other two Charlies ( C-318 Lt. Isaac & C-321 Lt. Ureta ) survived the mission.


A-4P C-248 Tte. Gavazzi of Escuadrilla " Oro " Attack in 12/May/82  the (D-88) HMS Glasgow receiving a direct hit by  250 kg. Bomb of this A-4P, shot down seconds later by your own AA artillery close to Goose Green Airfield


In March of 1998 A-4AR Fightinghawk made its first international and public appearance, when Squadron Commander Major Gillermo Martinez flew the aircraft over the Andes mountains to the FIDAE international airshow at Los Cerrillos airfield in Santiago de Chile. A-4AR C-908 took part in a joint excersice named " Aguila II ". Operation Southern Falcon against USAF F-16 of 113 Wing Sq. 121 of Columbia Air National Guard.

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