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1/48 Revell Henschel Hs-129

by Yiorgos Domianos


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I have built well enough models until now but this is the first time publishing an article on ARC.

I started to build models 15 years ago (1989), but I had a very long break (10 years, 1991 to 2001). Fortunately I returned to this hobby with big appetence. The last 2 years I have built about 15 models.

One of my best category of aircraft is 1/32 World War II themes. But last Christmas my son Konstantinos (6,5 years old) choose to give me for a gift Revell’s 1/48 Henschel Hs-129. I directly fell in love with this scale. I had 2 serious reasons. 1) The large variety in this scale and 2) the more kits in this scale is newer than 1/32. (aka. Hasegawa’s Me 262  in 1/32 it looks like 1/72 in front of Tamiya’s 1/48 same model)

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I started my HS 129 with big delight. After 10 days of Historical research I began my model straight from the box without the help of any detailing set.

In “Hensel Hs 129” book of MBI publishing I notice two photos of hs 129 with radio compartment  cover  and transmitter cover open. It was a challenge for me to open the two covers and build the inside details from the beginning. This change with the addition of some details in the cockpit (seat belts, support  mechanism of seat) was the only changes in this great Revell model  (not so new, I think that the molds are from Hasegawa)

The actual aircraft that I decided to build was “Blue O” W. Nr. 0310 from 8./Sch. G2 that were transferred to Tripolis (Libya) in December 1942. I found three color profiles of this aircraft and one b/w photo.

I hope that you like my model. I spent 2 and a half weeks to finish it. With 2 hours of work per day. I’m not satisfied with the quality of “loose flakes of paint” weathering. The reason is that I use acrylic paint instant of enamel. The  flue of engines was made with black color and pastels. The panel lines washed with the technique of “water-color- dishwashing soap”.

I would like to thank my son Konstantinos for his gift and my wife Mirsini for her patience.

Revell Henscell Hs 129 1/48
Aeromaster RLM 79, Tamiya  XF-23, Gunze Sangyo H64, Gunze Sangyo H47, Gunze Sangyo 20, Winsor & Newton Acrylic Gloss Varnish,
Tamiya  XF-1,Tamiya  X-14, Aeromaster RLM 02
“Hensel Hs 129” book of MBI publishing
Warplanes of the Luftwaffe
ModelTime Magazine , No7, Focus Press


Athens, Greece, February 2004..

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Photos and text © by Yiorgos Domianos

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