1/72 Hasegawa F-16A Fighting FalconA Fighting Falcon

Gallery Article by Joćo Corredeira on June 10 2003

Portugal National Day


This model was made OOB, from the F-16C Hasegawa kit I just added some static dischargers on the wings, elevator and on the tail. This aircraft is a bit twisted to the left, because of the landing gear, just read my F-16B article, where I have this explained. Since the F-16A and C version have a different tail fin, I added the resin F-16A tail fin from Esq.33 (Squadron 33).


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The model was completely hand painted, at the time I made it I didn't have an airbrush so I painted it with a no.6 brush

The decals are from Santa Cruz Decals and I must say, these decals are the best I found until today. I have already used decals from this company in other models and I just don't want anything else.

I used acrylic LifeColor paints and this was my first model using my Revell airbrush. I just bought it recently.

Joćo Corredeira


Photos and text © by Joćo Corredeira