1/72 Airmodel Products Flettner FL 265 "Blauer Anton"

Gallery Article by Thomas Brückelt on Mar 19 2015



My model "Blauer Anton" (Blue Anton) shows a fictional civil Flettner Fl 265, made out of the vacu-kit from Airmodel Products.


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The kit contains the fuselage, the transparent part for the canopy and some parts for the landing gear. All what´s inside and the rotors must be scratchbuilt.  The kit also includes a simple engine, I decided to use an radial-engine, I found in my spare-parts box.

I had the idea to make a civil machine out of the model, because I think people would be interested in this helicopter on the civil market. I designed a blue paint scheme, so I gave the name "Blauer Anton" to it. Anton was the first name of the designer Mr. Flettner.

I painted the model with the bush and printed the decals on foil from ACT.  After attaching the decals I sprayed silk varnish all over it.  It was a little challenge to build this old vacu-kit, but that makes a modeler proud, when it's finished and looking fine!

Thomas Brückelt


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Photos and text © by Thomas Brückelt