1/48 Kinetic F-16I Sufa

Gallery Article by Ido Barnea on Jan 14 2011


Here are some photos of my latest project, the Kinetic 1/48 F-16I Sufa.  The kit itself is quite good and accurate but not without shortcomings (incorrect spine, wrong shapes of some of the antennas and more).  In order to overcome this problem, I used the Isracast Correction kit for the Kinetic Sufa ( # IC-48030) and as main reference I used Ra'anan Weiss excellent book  F-16I Sufa in IAF Service - 2009 Edition.

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In the armament department I choose Rafael Spice and GBU-31 JDAM because it's a combination of bombs that are not usually seen on the Sufa in day to day time, but it is possible to arm the plane with them and it makes the model a little bit more unique. I also used the Isracast 600 gallon fuel tank (cat.# IC-48004) and Python 4 missiles from Skunk Models IDF weapon set # 1 for the distinctive IAF weapon load (the Spice bomb is also from that set).

The Kinetic kit is not an easy one to build, but the final result is very rewarding. Thanks for looking and enjoy the photos.

Ido Barnea

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Photos and text by Ido Barnea