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1/24 Airfix P-51D Mustang

by Holger Papke


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This is my 1/24 P-51 D Mustang from Airfix.  This is still the same kit that it was 30 years ago.  Inside the parts it shows "Airfix Productions 1972".

The plastic material is very thin, especially the fuselage. You have to be very careful when sanding and cutting.

The decals are "very good" and easy to apply. When you use decal softener they look like they are painted on. There were markings for 2 different versions, the "Big Beautiful Doll" and a RCAF No. 442 SQN.
I decided to build the "Doll" because I wanted to use Testors Metalizer "Buffing Aluminum".  It is easy to use, fast drying and caused no problems. I polished the aircraftand I really looked like real aluminum. Then I used the Testors "Sealer for Metalizer", that was a mistake.  It makes the model more "flat", the silver polished surface was gone. Now it has the normal aluminum look like normal acrylic colour. Next time I will try something else for sealing. 
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Cockpit and engine assembly are easy to assemble without any problems.


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The worst part in this kit is the landing gear. It is too thin for this heavy model and the wheels look to large for this scale. It has not a stable stand, it's "shaky". 

The canopy glass and frame are separate parts, no painful paintjob. The front window fits after cutting away plenty of plastic.

Like the 1/24 Bf-109 from Airfix, this model has no gear bays, so I en ed up scratchbuilding the landing gear bays.

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Like all the other 1/24 kits from Airfix, it urgently needs an aftermarket update set. These 1/24 models don't have enough detail for this big scale. 

But it's always an eye catcher to have one of these big guys in your shelf.


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Photos and text by  Holger Papke

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