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1/48 Belcher Bits Westland Lynx HMA.8  

by Andrew Ayling


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This is a great kit, and the only game in town in 1/48th Scale. Everything is resin with the exception of the canopies, also included are options for just about every version and armament combination of the navy lynx ever flown, painting masks and a very good decal sheet with about a dozen schemes. However the kit is definitely one for the experienced, needing a lot of trial fitting and research to get a good result. 

The Interior is excellent, however the instrument console is too wide for the canopy so a bit of trimming is needed. 

Externally, I found a fair bit of filler was needed and some of the panel lines were a bit over stated so I filled and re-scribed. If you are building one of the late model options (HMA.8) etc. the nose area around the IR device needs some work to replicate the curves that are present (look at a pic of the real thing, you'll see what I mean).  The cockpit canopy takes some work to get seated properly, but there are two included, so you get a second chance. I also added detail to the crew doors as it seemed a bit weak due to the limitations of vacform. 

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Other than that, I think the biggest issue is that in covering  so many versions, some of the undersurface detail is omitted (none of the reviews I've seen have covered this).  To make matters worse, there seem to be no pictures of the underside of a RN Lynx (not entirely co-incidental?)  

To list the mods I made: 

  • crew foot steps and nav lights below the crew doors,

  • deck harpoon,

  • radar altimeter and Doppler boxes on belly,

  • cargo hook

  • assorted aerials

  • detailed tail rotor

  • added third inspection window to gearbox

  • added aux inlet or exhaust to engine casing

  • replaced exhausts with Aluminium tube

  • Engine inlet screens from brass and plastic strip with nylon  mesh

Like I said, it is a great kit and with effort turns into a very accurate lynx, but it does need some experience and lots of references.


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Photos and text by Andrew Ayling

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