F-14B Tomcat

These photos were taken by Danny Deters

This is a F-14B Upgrade from VF-102 "Diamondbacks" this photo was taken on August 31st 2001 , at the Change of command ceremony for CMDR. Mark E. Wralstad (WALDO) Who was succeded by CMDR Michael A. Vizcarra who is now VF-102's XO (VFA-102) and the Squadron CO is CMDR. Roy J. Kelly. This particular Aircraft IS equipped with the DFCS , the rear office has the 8X8 PTID and lantirn control stick, it also has the GPS antennae on the spine.  I have sent these pictures to steve due to the recent release of CAM decals sheet's 48-098A and 32-115A. I have a few of these sheet's and have looked and checked for size etc, they are almost perfect in scale and the color is O.K. (could be darker) and accuracy is pretty good except for a few of the following. 
Now these corrections are if you want to make a COC bird all the way up to the day they left, I am not perfect and I was not on the boat with the squadron. The 102' bird above WAS painted in the 3-gray Tactical Paint Scheme during the Change of command and during OP Enduring Freedom.

If you have any question please feel free to ask.

Thank-you to Fighting '102 for their help.  Enjoy
          Danny K. Deters.

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