F-14D Tomcat

These photos were taken by Calvin Cochran 

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The 19 photos of an F-14D from VX-9 were taken by Calvin Cochran

VX-9, from front, GJT, 5-97 VX-9, from front, heavy shadow, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, front port qtr, GJT, 5-97 VX-9, port profile, at lift-off, GJT, 9-95


VX-9, nose details, markings, port profile, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, AIM-9 rails, main gear, port, GJT, 5-95 VX-9, from aft port qtr, GJT, 5-97 VX-9, underside details, looking fwd, GJT, 9-95


VX-9, tailhook attachment, fuel tank, Phoenix pallets, from aft, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, AB can interior, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, AB cans, tail markings, from aft stbd qtr, GJT, 5-95  VX-9, tail markings, stbd profile, GJT, 5-95


VX-9, from aft stbd qtr, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, stbd profile, taxiing, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, stbd qtr, GJT, 5-95


VX-9, front stbd qtr, GJT, 5-97 VX-9, nose details, markings, stbd profile, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, from front stbd qtr, taxiing, GJT, 9-95 VX-9, underside details, looking aft, GJT, 9-95